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News, Notes, And Other Things That Start With ‘N’

Slow day. Yep. Shall we dip into the mailbag?

  • Like round numbers? JG Brin wrote us last week to point out that his webcomic, The Crown Prince, hit strip #100. The happy news got lost in the shuffle of the Wikiwars (which tragically continue), but Brin soldiered on with quiet determination and produced stirp #101 in the meantime. Inside sources indicate that Brin may even be at work on #102 as we speak.
  • Howsabout that Brinkerhoff? There’s something about the character designs that reminds me of Life In Hell with a case of pygmyism, and that’s never a bad thing. Anyhoo, Brink will be going the comic book route, with the first issue, I Bet It Tastes Like Licorice due in full-color glory at Emerald City Comic Con next month. Creator Gabe Strine is soliciting for letters to be included in the first issue, so get writing.
  • Webcomics: we’re all friends here.
  • New Livejournal comic! André Babyn (who used to do Canadian Creation Myth) has returned with Frank and Earl The Astronauts. Babyn informs us that It has poor art but not so poor that you will be spending ten seconds wincing at it. In fact, the art is about 37.8 times better than CaCreaMy, so that’s all right. No crazy astronaut ladies yet, but I have hopes!
  • Spot the reader! Brian Wilson tells us that Hookie Dookie Panic is running a cameo contest in which the readers can post their photos and be drawn into the strip. Six have been so honored, with more to come. Seriously though — the concept is slightly dangerous; you never know what kind of whacko the reader might turn out to be.
  • And wrapping things up, Michael Moss celebrates a year of torturing smiley faces and celebrating the “life” of register jockeys. Something tells me that the latter has a great deal to do with inspiring the former.

What exactly is the link to the new livejournal comic? There doesn’t seem to be one.


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