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After All This Time, Achewood Can Still Surprise Me

You may wish to back up and read Friday’s edition if you missed it; it’s been a while since Chris Onstad threw a simple three-panel strip at us, and it was a marvel of simplicity, hilarity, and revulsion at Lyle‘s behavior. He’s a bit feisty for a guy who was thrown out of Mr Band, isn’t he?

Today, Mr Bear‘s language is supple and Shakespearean. Téodor is kindly in his concern for others and gets to use the word teabagged. And we all learned a little something about Taleggio.

In other news, it’s a bittersweet Valentine’s Day coming up, what with Bruno wrapping and all. But you can cheer yourself up immensely come Wednesday if you get in on the pre-orders for The Case of Atlantis, which means that you could get life-size Sheriff Pony Temporary Tattoos! And nothin’ says romance like a space pony that craps vanilla ice cream inscribed on the body of your beloved.

Lyle has the rudest nutsack.

It is inconsiderate.

ya know, as amusing as the space cowboy is, I can think of a couple things that might say romance a bit better.

Bruno is such a great piece of work. I’m hardly able to call it a “comic strip” anymore. It’s like a graphic novel. But, like, a masterpiece novel.

Not to imply that “graphic novels” are somehow better than comic strips.

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