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Of Booths And Bandwagons

So it seems that the First Great Webcomics Wikipurge of Aught-Seven (hmmm, is this web-based video non-notable?) is back on again; Howard Tayler first raised the alarm on behalf of his BLC-mate Brad Guigar and others on Monday. By yesterday, strips were restored, then later yesterday more deletionists hopped on the bandwagon. So Byzantine is the logic behind this dustup that Tayler appears to be on the verge of a frothing, white-hot rage (please note that Tayler is about the most polite guy I’ve ever met outside of Canada, so frothing, white-hot rage needs to be read as in comparison to his normal, placid state).

As of last night, it was claimed that at least the Evil, Inc. article was back again “for good”, but as of this writing (7 February, approximately 16:42 GMT), it ain’t showin’ up for me, and I’ve got a clear cache so the problem’s not on my end. In any event, it appears that there’s only one way to fix this:

  1. Invite the various Wikieditors to San Diego Comic Con 2007 under false pretenses
  2. Direct them to section of floor bounded by booths 1129, 1137, 1329, and 1337
  3. Profit! We rumble, Broadway-style; dibs on the baseball bat

On that happy note, we at Fleen would like to thank Sam Logan for the floor map, which does indeed show this year’s Sexy Lagoon; Logan sends along the following color key:

Not sure who that is in the gray; hope they like awesome, ’cause it’s gonna be in high concentrations in this part of the floor. But Logan wonders politely in his email (and I agree), When will SDCC expand the space offered for webcomics? That’s a lot of creators (from at least four countries, by my count) with a lot of fans crammed into a small space; next year may require a larger zone be set aside to avoid crushing crowds.


This looks like LAST years map. I’ve not even gotten my packet yet for this year. Where are you getting this map?

It’s on the comic-con website in the exhibitors log-in area. Drop me an email if you need the username and password… I probably shouldn’t post them here, even though they’re nearly as bad as “user” and “1234.”

But yes, the layout is very similar to last year. It’s not quite identical, though. And it’s not similar by CHOICE, either. Dayfree requested (and paid for) a booth twice the size of what they gave us.

I appreciate them putting all of us in one place, but I sure wish they’d let that one place GROW a bit. I guess they didn’t want to give our section the second “island” that it would have needed for us to have a four-square booth. But maybe they just didn’t have enough other takers to fill up the rest of the space. Or maybe there’s just too much demand for boothspace to give webcomics that much area.

It’s not last year’s map. this is the map from last year.

It is a tentative map that’s still subject to change, though. But in the past, the tentative map has been accurate of the final layout of our particular chunk of the floor.

Here’s my beloved tradition of a Comic-Con map:

It again includes Gabe pointing at Dumbrella for no apparent reason.

By the by, Keenspot also reserved a four 10×10 booth island (for the second year in a row) and were also only given two 10×10 booths (for the second year in a row) by Comic-Con.

I think Comic-Con’s exhibit floor space needs to be expanded to the entirety of the city of San Diego for us to ever get more than two 10x10s.

Okay, so guys…I don’t know what is going on, with this.

But neither myself, Penny-Arcade or Blank Label have recieved their packets from San Diego yet.

Has anybody? Chris have you? I was told by the lady handling my GOH stuff this year that packets would go out well after hotel stuff (which was this week).

I don’t think they’ve started mailing out packets yet. I don’t think they’ve even started cashing people’s booth cheques. All the info I’ve gotten about the size of our booth had to come directly from the exhibits manager by hounding him personally.

Originally they told me that booth placements would be announced in December, and then in December they told me mid-January. In mid-January they told me “soon,” and that things had fallen a bit behind.

I’m thinking they rushed this “subject to change” layout in unfinished form just to get something out there. After all people are supposed to be making hotel reservations right now!


No packets yet, I got our booth numbers and current floor plan from here:

(E-Mail me if you need the user/pass.)

Okay, I just talked to Justin over at Comicon and my fear has subsided.

Yes, this is a temporary map. And yes, this is subject to change, but it is this years and it’s fairly accurate.

I asked where I was because I didn’t see myself here and I’m not with Image this year.

The answer is that they put my booth over near Marvel, Image and DC. I’m over with the major comics publishers it seems.

So I can stop panicking. I have my booth. They just didn’t put me with webcomics.

According to the official list, that Red vs. blue stuff is wrong. I see that one side is Flight(Random house) and the other side is day free press.

Oh well… at least Marvel, Image and DC are not exactly bad company!

When you say the official list, do you mean the list in the exhibitor area of the website? Or have you got a different list from Justin?

The one on the website pegs Dayfree in 1233/1235 and Red vs. Blue in 1231. Flight is listed as being in 1128/1130/1132/1134, which is close, but about two aisles away.

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