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Call Now For This Amazing Offer

You still have time to get webcomics-themed Valentine’s Day cards; in addition to those previously announced, you now have some from Keenspot stalwart Chris Daly‘s Striptease (and if you’re rushed for time, there’s no shipping on this one; Daly sends you a PDF and you print ’em yourself).

And while not strictly for Valentine’s Day, there are awesome greeting cards featuring T-Rex available from Quack!Media. Seriously, it’s right there in the URL: awesomedetail.php. If you get your order in time, cards 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 and 12 are V-Day appropriate.

I found these to be pretty good valentines.

Let us not forget Milholland’s Valentine’s Day postcards.

I’m a stalwart?

i hate tootin’ my horn but i’ve also got some v-day cards that are movin’ pretty quick

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