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New Sightings, New Schedule

In case you missed the announcement the other day, Modern Tales has added five new comics this week:

  • Alma Mater, about a prep school for girls
  • Bellen, a relationship story about a couple named Ben and Ellen
  • Minus World, about a video game studio; this one is co-created by the fantastically talented Bill Mudron, so skip it at your peril
  • Nice Work, about Hollywood in 1960s; really interesting concept and some real visual flair on display here
  • Steverino, inspired by the incredible true story of a nerdy guy

As usual, MT editor/webcomics dynamo Shaenon Garrity will greet her new chums with a series of interviews over at Talk About Comics, which starts today with Alma Mater’s Whitney June Robinson.

And, in a less happy vein, Fleen Fave Bernie Hou informs us today that he’s cutting back his schedule from Tuesdays & Fridays to when time permits. Tantalizingly, he hints about “new projects” being in the works; right thinking folk know that Hou’s work is worth waiting for, so subscribe to his newsletter or RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss any installments or announcements.

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