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Statistical Survey

Okay, what with all the responses I got for what Chris Hastings (congrats on getting past those ‘bandwidth exceeded’ errors, Chris!) called the science fair project, 48 of you were willing to share data. Deadline was a touch over 10 hours ago, with only one contact since the 11th.

For statistical significance, I wanted a minimum of 100 respondents; since 48 < 100, my life just got easier in that I don't have to crunch numbers. If it turns out there really is a demand for this sort of analysis, I'd be willing to revisit the issue, but for now, we at Fleen will not be going ahead with the project. Many thanks to all who offered to share their data. Things were shaping up to be a nice cross-section of genre and audience size, and much as I hate calculating skews and kurtoses, getting the numbers would have been more than a little interesting.


Maybe people would be more inclined to give you their measurements?

36 24 56

36 24 56? My lawd!

Man you ain’t into the booty shelf?

I could have a picnic back there.

“Like Butter”

The data would have jackhammered the illusional yellow brick road I’m skipping along anyway. Thanks for keeping my fragile psyche intact and oblivious Gary.

…and that is some junk in that trunk if I do say so myself.

Yeah, ditto on the preservation of my self-esteem. I have this fear that if I ever knew how many readers I really have, my ribcage would collapse under the sheer weight of the impending sadness.

And if anyone doubts that an emotion can have physical weight, you’ve never seen my stats.

nya nya! My stats, they be lower than yours. Bask in my feeble readership aura!

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