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New Stuff

You want new? We got new! First up, David Morgan Mar wants you to make a webcomic. You put your skills & preferences into a matrix, and when your name comes up in the queue, you contribute to an ongoing comic. This could be insanely, bizarrely awesome, or collapse like a game of “Telephone” with too many people whispering purple monkey dishwasher. I cannot wait to see what happens.

Also new, the long-running PC Weenies, which will cheerfully put you in the strip for a modest fee, is looking forward to strip #1000 in grand (ha, ha!) fashion. Wanna be in the landmark strip? It’s up for bid. Ironically, the 1000th strip extraganza is currently going for less than the usual guest-star fee; barring a last-minute bidding frenzy, this could turn out to be the bargain of the year

And, not strictly speaking new, but new for 2007, there’s a brand new set of 12 card for Valentine’s Day over at Scene Language, and more at The Devil’s Panties (featuring images from the deck of cards — hearts, naturally). Panties creator Jennie Breeden is also doing custom greeting cards — you pick the strip, pick the wording, and hey presto, it’s on the way to you. It’s like a completely-customized piece of merch for you and you alone. Neat.

Mucho Thanks for the plug, Gary! I’ve added a link back to Fleen in today’s blog to return the favor.

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