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Breaking News-Slash-Sex Scandal

Ugly Hill creator Paul Southworth in GENERIC SEX-LUBE shocker in the hallowed halls of Harvard Goddamn University! No news at this time as to the state of his pants.

Naturally, this means that I owe “Jonathan Gaudet and Allycia” a dollar. Email me, kiddies, and your American Cash Money will be on its way.

I’m trying really hard to come up with a joke that involves Paul Southworth’s penis and the word “shortening,” but it’s 4am and I’m tired.

Don’t worry, Zach. I have it on good authority that it is literally impossible to combine those two ideas, much like rhyming the word “orange” or pronouncing “February” correctly without sounding like a douche!

Wait, I got it.

Paul Southworth’s penis NEEDS shortening. Just ask… I dunno… let’s go with John Allison?

“Like butter”.

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