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Coolness Abounds (Also: Fine Ham)

From David Malki !, an announcement:

The following announcement is only for people who write short stories and would like to get paid for it! Everyone else please close your eyes.

This is an open call for entries for a book that Ryan and Matt and I are publishing. It’s called Machine of Death and the premise is basically “What if everyone knew how they were going to die?”

Details on this coolness at!

Webcomickers will be found at opposite ends of Massachusetts starting today, what with Jephy McJacquespants, the Applegeeks crüe and Rob Balder holding forth at Genericon, on the campus of RPI, in Troy, NY (and rumor has it that at least one more long-time webcomic guy lives ’round those parts). Meanwhile, look for Paul Southworth, R Stevens 3, J-Ro, and Shaenon Garrity bringin’ the love and panel wisdom to Vericon, on the campus of Hahvahd in Cambridge, MA. If you bring Southworth some lube, I will give you a dollar. Update: And some Charmin! And yes, I know that Troy, NY is not technically in Massachusetts, but I did my graduate work at Rensselaer, and trust me, it’s bloody close enough. And, given the cold snap in the Northeast this weekend, coolness will be in extra-abundance.

I’ve felt like this on occasion. Don’t tell my wife, but it’s really cool.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be Liz Cusack Greenfield? She is very polite about penises, and exudes cool even in a steam room.

Update: What’s cooler than a new Winterview? How about one that a) takes place in Halifax; and b) features Bryan Lee O’Malley and Hope Larson? Five bucks says that somebody gets a powerup during the interview.

How is it that I keep forgetting about Genericon???

I’ll have to wander by this weekend — I’d like to meet those guys.


Glad to see somebody around here appreciates the good things in life. You and me, Abby, we know the score.

I come from Halifax. It’s not cool.

Unless you meant the two months of “summer” we have?

If someone hands me a container of sex-lube at Harvard Goddamn University, I will shit my pants.

Machine of Death sounds like a lot of fun, I might have to submit something :D

Paul –
If someone hands you a container of sex-lube at Harvard Goddamn University, it is only because we love you.

It happened.

It happened, and at first I was afraid, but then I saw that it was GENERIC BRAND lube, and I was only vaguely insulted.

Thank you, Jonathan Gaudet and Allycia, first for making me slightly uncomfortable upon my arrival at Harvard, and second for caring enough to endure the embarrassment of purchasing GENERIC SEX-LUBE.

[…] Gary Ugly Hill creator Paul Southworth in GENERIC SEX-LUBE shocker in the hallowed halls of Harvard Goddamn University! No news at this time as to the state of his pants. […]

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