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Killroy Was Here

Killroy and Tina‘s been on my read list for a damn long time — more than five years now, since we first saw a despotic space tyrant banished to Earth and bionetically bonded to a 17 year old girl with a goofball boyfriend. And it looks like after all that time, Brandon gets his wish today. Too bad Killroy’s getting a front [al lobe] row seat for all that hot ‘n’ heavy action.

Justin Pierce has made a lot of progress with his art and storytelling in the ensuing five years, and he’s decided to retire K&T at the top of his game. The story that he originally imagined may not be complete, but it was always funny and weirdly candy-colored, plus it had the occasional TMBG reference. And we still get Wonderella on Saturdays, so that’s all right.

Also going away, Toyzville is on indefinite hiatus; but let us speak of beginnings! Larry Merrill is taking the time saved from Toyzville and turning it into a new project with Steve Campbell. And as long as we’re speaking of beginnings and endings, THE END has recently begun, as has August Jessor. Both of them are pretty new, and off to promising starts. One of them (THE END) being an apocalyptic sort of mysterious journey; the other (Jessor) reminding me of Kazu Kibuishi‘s non-Copper work (such as you might find in Flight), by way of Finland. And hey, look at that — August Jessor updates weekly, just like Killroy and Tina did, and I have an open slot in my reading list. Funny how things work out like that.

In the interests of completeness, please note that the Jessor folks are publishing a friend’s webcomic in the US in the new two months; that webcomic is the new-to-me Gone With The Blastwave, which is remiscient of the best of, say, Get Your War On mixed with Red vs. Blue. Keep your eyes open for it.

I knew I’d heard of that Blastwave comic somewhere before…

KnT will be missed dearly, but if ever there was a classy ‘leave them wanting more’ exit, Justin just pulled it off.

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