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<tap> <tap> Is This Thing On?

Oh, Graphic Smash, why hast thou forsaken me? Girlamatic, I’m pining away for your wholesome companionship! Modern Tales, I die for lack of webcomicky goodness! Serializer and AdultWebcomics … okay, I don’t really read you guys, but still.

Looks like the entire MT family is down right now. Citizens are urged to remain calm, and to stay tuned for further updates.

Slow webcomicky news day, Gary?

Why doesn’t anyone ever urge citizens to “panic?”

It’s a completely legitimate form of expression that gets a bad rap by the media.

It’s Thursday, and I’m without Digger! Bryant may be right — I call for unrestrained panic.

Update: Panic appears to have worked. All five sites are back.

Update update: Modern Tales front page is back, links to today’s strips are dead.

Gary, this is more evidence that you need to quit that teaching job, temporarily live off of the extremely high royalties from your books, and become a full-time webcomicky blogger guy.

Who knows? Maybe you can get syndicated.

Michael, I cannot tell you how much my wife would be thrilled by that course of events.

Also: what’s the difference between a full-time webcomicky blogger guy and a large cheese pizza?

In my area, $14.98 plus tax.

The pizza is less cheesy?

Oh, I know this one: the large cheese pizza can feed a family of four.

(Take out “full-time webcomicky blogger guy” and replace it with “banjo player”–that’s where I’ve heard this joke before).

Gary only has to feed his dog, not a family of four.

His wife can feed herself.

The Manley empire went down again?

Lucy Luvbottom must have updated…

Ah, life as a server admin.

The hosting provider changed the php.ini settings on that server to the highest possible security level, and neglected to tell me. My code wasn’t written for the highest possible php.ini security levels, causing the error logs to fill the hard drive up with non-urgent little warnings about a missing hyphen here or a missing ‘ there. Taken care of now, but it may go back down in the morning until I get a chance to wake up, clean out the error logs, and continue combing my php code for eensy meensy little non-problems that are kicking off the warnings. My apologies.

Also, Lucy Luvbottom did update today, as a matter of fact. Or yesterday, by the time you read this.

“We’re all fine here. How’re you?”

“Michael, I cannot tell you how much my wife would be thrilled by that course of events.”

um , only if it means I get to quit too. And, you know, live off those royalties!

“Gary only has to feed his dog, not a family of four”

Actually, the dog does a pretty good job feeding herself too. I mean OK, someone has to put it in the bowl for her, but after that, she’s got it covered!

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