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My Lunchbox Had Fat Albert On It

You know it’s gonna be a good day when you get this in your mailbox from Tyler Martin:

We’re announcing the launch of Lunchbox Funnies, a new comics collective featuring some of the finest all-ages comics on the internet!

The term “all-ages� has become something of a mantra for our creators. We’ve each been working towards creating highly entertaining comics that can be enjoyed by beginning readers, teenagers, and adults alike. We’re convinced that “all-ages� doesn’t mean “just for kids,� but rather it’s a label that should apply to entertainment that allows for shared experiences across generational lines. Our creators benefited greatly from quality all-ages entertainment growing up, but these days stories that can be enjoyed by children and adults seems incredibly rare. Lunchbox Funnies wants to change that.

The lineup features:

At the Lunchbox Funnies website, you’ll find links, news, and information for each of our comics and creators.

Plus, and this is just a personal observation, Lunchbox Funnies has two Ryans, which may be 50% more than any other webcomic collective! Except, um, The Ryans, which Ryan Sias and Ryan Estrada are already in, so it shouldn’t count.

So what could be better than Lunchbox Funnies launching? How about Abby L. taking some time out from deciding who’s webcomics-sexy to resume The Green Avenger after a brief hiatus. Plus, and this is just a person observational, I’m digging the textures that got used in today’s strip … kinda hazy on a cold day, kinda fuzzy like memories from too long ago. So what could be better than a strip coming back from hiatus?

How about a pair of one-year anniversaries? One year pretty much seems to be the make-or-break point for a webcomic … if you don’t find a voice and a style and an audience in that first year, you probably won’t ever. So congrats to Charles Smith of Justice City Recovery Center and Brian Oaster of Misunderstandings Between Friends. Plus, and this is just a personal observational, you’d be hard pressed to find two webcomics as opposite in intent and execution as JCRC and MBF, yet I believe there’s an excellent chance you’ll enjoy a readthrough of both of them. What could be better than that?

How about another new collective (dark themes here, kiddies … I especially like the warning about potential cannibalism), a brightly-colored new webcomic complete with advice column, and a new comixcast (it has cool beats, and it’s easy to dance to!) from exciting, exotic Ottawa? Plus, and this is just a person observation, there’s also a new interview regarding Diesel Powered Sweeties in Publishers Weekly. Pretty good deal for a Wednesday.

Shouldn1t that be 100% more Ryans?

Lunchbox’s stuff looks pretty good. Thanks for the notice.

I was planning on doing another one of those hottest in Webcomics lists this year, but it’s so hard to find comic artist’s pictures. (hint hint)

Yay Lunchbox comics! I’m still bitter about not being on that Sexy Webcomics list, though.

I was told unibrows were making a comeback!

Oh, I’ve got pictures.

That is a fabulous lineup. This is where a smart syndicate would be looking for new newspaper candidates.

Good luck, guys!

>>Shouldn1t that be 100% more Ryans?

Maybe some other collective has 1.33 Ryans.

Woah, woah, woah. Webcomics that don’t just make jokes about breasts? Is that allowed?

It’s a matter of units. Ryan North = 1.33 standard Ryans.

…OK, but then 1.33 standard Ryans works out to about 2.5 Ryans Canadian.

Metric, actually.

At the current rates, 1.33 Ryans (U.S.) is only 1.5608 Ryans Canadian.

Woah, woah, woah. Webcomics that don’t just make jokes about breasts? Is that allowed?

There are webcomics that make jokes about breasts? Why was I not informed??!?

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