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Life’s So 0.01 Gy

Corey Marie Parkhill of Scene Language sent a big box o’ comicky goodness to Fleen recently — well, okay, it was about two weeks ago, but it’s taken a while to plow through everything. Given how much was in the box, this was an extraordinarily cool thing to do.

What? You want contents? Check it: you got the Greatest Hits of collection Life’s So Rad, the Big Ol’ Book of BIZMAR anthology (that’s bunnies, insects, zombies, monkeys, aliens, and robots, with contributions from webcomics/indy comics creators), a stack of mini-comics, and more, all from Young American Comics.

The LSRGH collection is strips interspersed with commentary from Parkhill about what was going on in her life at the time, and how it affected the direction of the strip; interesting reading, but it sort of precludes a traditional review — it doesn’t really work to critique a life as it was lived. Likewise, anthologies are tough to put a single handle on when they contain so many contributors (dozens, in the case of BIZMAR), so suffice it to say that some contributions are better than others, and I found Stephen Notley‘s to be particularly funny.

Also, by a peculiar corinsidence, this year’s anthology from Young American, small town/BIG CITY, has open submissions until the 7th of March. Want to get in on the fun? Check out the guidelines. And even if you don’t want to get in on that fun, you can get in on other fun — this being the best bit of shameless self-promotion that we’ve received yet, we at Fleen have decided to share, and hereby announce our first ever contest with an actual prize.

You can win the Big Box o’ Comicky Goodness (books! minicomics! pins! stickers! a t-shirt, adult medium!) by sending the best response, in 25 words or less, to the question:

When was your life at its raddest?

Send your entries to me (that would be gary), who can be reached at this here website (that would be Fleen), which is of the dotcom variety. Entries must be received by, let’s say, midnight EST (GMT – 5), Tuesday, the 23rd of January. Judges decisions are final, Fleen contributors and Ms Parkhill are not eligible, residents of Canada may be required to answer a skill-testing question, and we’ll contact you if you’re the winner. Good luck, everybody.

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