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Birthday + Deception + Hotdogs = PARTY

For all those not present for The Proposal, the webcomics place to be this past weekend was at the SURPRISE! 30th birthday party in the studio/apartment space of one Mr Richard Stevens III. Apparently, there was other stuff for Stevens to celebrate this week as well.

There was fun and merriment; there was a coconut, drained of its life-giving milk by means of a power drill; there was a good-tempered small dog on floor cleanup duty; and there were hotdogs. Sadly, no HoDoLo (2-point-oh), but there was hotdog stew, a hotdog roller, and a birthday cake shaped like a hotdog.

There was a Wii, which meant there were Miis, and sketch battle, and dessert. Some ate enthusiastically (some suspiciously so), some with trepidation, and one was overheard to express some reluctance with regard to the spitty cake.

In the end, Stevens was rendered utterly speechless and befuddled that a bunch of jerks/friends could lie to him so convincingly. Thanks go to Crif Dogs (for the provender), Mer Gran (for organizing the damn thing), and to the plotters and conspirators: Jon Rosenberg, Phillip Karlsson, Jeff Rowland, Andy Bell, John Allison, Steven Cloud, Chris Hastings, and Tallahassee Econolodge (who made the cake). Also in attendance: Jeph Jacques, MC Frontalot, and a random hack journo.

Best of all: Rich Stevens will never, ever, believe anything that any of us has to say to him, ever again. Sweet.

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