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On Further Consideration, I May Be Safe

A quick investigation has shown that I let my IEEE membership lapse some years ago, so perhaps I will not be murdered by Peter Cropes.

In other news, the number of webcartoonists willing to participate in the Survey of Doom has taken an unexpected jump over the last 36 hours or so, with seven more people opting in. I haven’t had time to reply to you all individually, but thank you all very much for your willingness to participate.

We’re still only about halfway to the arbitrary minimum of 100 creators to achieve something like statistical significance, with the 31 Jan deadline approaching.

And in other-other news, I had a long conversation with Scott Kurtz yesterday regarding his Open Letter. I think there’s been some misunderstanding about his intent likely stemming from (this is Kurtz, after all) some of his word choices. It’ll take me a little while to work out all my impressions and get ’em written up, but the Reader’s Digest version is:

  • He’s not proposing what you think he’s proposing
  • What he is proposing is worth doing
  • He’s doing it for the right reasons
  • I’m in

More tomorrow.

a) I would respond to your call for surveyees except I thought you wanted people who are interested in, and expectant of, making money off their webcomic which isn’t me. Am I wrong?

b) I’ll be interested to find out what Kurtz really meant if it’s not what I think, because it seemed clear to me.


I want everybody’s data; part of what I want to find out is if there’s a (fuzzy, indistinct, probably) line that separates “I can make my living off this” traffic from “no I can’t” traffic. Whatever side of that line you may be on, your data would be helpful.

I’m willing to answer your questions. I just never remember to send you an email. And there’s every possibility that I’ll wind up disagreeing with your questions and sending you a separate email explaining why, because that’s what happens with every survey I’ve ever taken, but as long as you’re willing to put up with that I’ll still answer them.

Charles Brubaker had an interesting idea over at The Daily Cartoonist. A weekly publication that combined the best of comics, web and print. The Music industry has weekly publications to promote itself why not comics? Perhaps a publication that is creator driven will set the barometer for quality in comics instead of newspaper reader polls and the like…also give a level of respect to serious web comics.

I’d be in to help organize something like that.

Truth to tell, I couldn’t make heads or tails of what exactly he was proposing. As an essayist, Scott Kurtz makes a good cartoonist.

Yeah? Couldn’t crack the Rosetta Stone on that blog?

Maybe Gary can explain it for me better in an upcoming Fleen article.

I propose that Gary head up the project. He hasn’t insulted anyone in the last hour or two, so he should be ideal.

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