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Alton, Greg; Greg, Alton

This page has previously wondered when webcomics might shed the weight of their past and focus on what’s truly important in life: food, glorious food. This is particularly important on a day when I’m living through The Great Smell of Aught-Seven (and one NYC disaster was all I needed, thanks), and eager to think about something that’s more appealing than the stench which is only now disappating.

Thus, major props to Greg Dean for tossing a little food porn to those of us that appreciate the virtues of good cooking. He could have staged today’s joke in lots of ways that were less food-nerdy, but this one hit exactly the right note. And all those who were not familiar with the Maillard reaction learned something, too. Well done, Mr Dean, well done (and naturally, by well done, I really mean, not a shade over medium-rare, Slappy).

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