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Mailbag Dump-A-Rama

Some upcoming events:

  • Andy Bell‘s new show, Hot Curry, debuts tomorrow at Rotofugi in Chicago, with more info here. Anybody that wants to brave the wind & wuthering of Chi-town should check it out.
  • Vericon, at the hallowed halls of Hahvahd, will feature a webcomics panel on 27 January with Shaenon Garrity, Jeff Rowland, Rich Stevens, and Paul Southworth. Go pepper ’em with questions, get some photos, gather embarassing stories. If you write it up, you too could be a Fleen Field Reporter!
  • Creators! The deadline for being part of the statistical analysis project is 31 January; we’ve got about 30 responses, but we’ll need 100 or more to make it statistically significant. To recap: all raw data (minus site names/identifying details) will be made available, along with statistical methods.

In other news, it looks like the Jeph Jacques/Sam Logan cold war is getting hot again; from the aforementioned Mr Logan:

Jeph may be the Lex Luthor to my Superman (or at least, my Jimmy Olsen), but you can always count on him whenever you need a hilarious guest strip.

Here are some other things about Jeph that you can count on. Jeph Jacques ate all the chocolate out of your neopolitan ice cream. Jeph Jacques stole your lunch money in fourth grade. Jeph Jacques does think you look fat in that dress. And despite how his last name sounds, Jeph Jacques is not French. He just wishes he was.

And from the mailbag:

  • Hot off the presses (in the sense that it showed up while I was typing this post) from Friend-o-Fleen Bill Barnes comes this:

    Unshelved was asked to do a Read poster for the American Library Association, and it was just released. This is actually a pretty big deal. More info on our blog (there’s also a reminder about our Pimp My Bookcart contest).

    I hope to make another big announcement by end of month. How’s that for a tease?

    Pretty mean with the tease, Bill. Hope the poster catches on with librarians as much as Terry Moore’s iconic image.

  • Alert reader “LostRock” writes:

    Well, it’s been over six years…and I believe that Josh Mirman’s Stubble has finally ended.

    We at Fleen missed this, but it looks like you’re right. Stubble has gone & joined the ranks of “concluded webcomics”. Now we get to find out if Alexander Danner liked it.

  • Reva Sharp informs us:

    After a 3-month hiatus, the webcomic Synchronism by me has returned to the web.

    To ring in the new year and the return of the comic, I’m also holding a small contest. The winner will receive an inked drawing of the Synch character of their choice. More details for that can be found on Synch’s news page.

    Hey! Free stuff! Get enterin’, peoples!

  • From Krishna Sadasivam:

    The PC Weenies site finally gets an updated look, streamlined for easier navigation and such. This is the fifth revamp of the website in over 8 years. Come on over and tell your readers, too. Let the fiesta begin!

    Hey! Free fiesta! Get fiestin’, peoples!

  • From a one mister Daniel Turcotte:

    I have a daily webcomic at I started on October 13th and have over 50 strips up now. Sundays I put up sketches or other stuff, but still.

    Still, indeed. Interesting, loose, cartoony style at Loser Bros; reminds me a bit of Kyle Baker, and that can’t be bad. Get loserin’, peoples!

  • A small request from Wing:

    Can you plug my new project so I can have some people testing it?

    The basic idea is that you e-mail me via that site, I give you access to a spreadsheet, and you (and a bunch of other people) go to that spreadsheet and color cells to make pretty pictures. It’s something like a collarborative art effort. Right now I only have 4 people testing it and it ain’t too exciting. So it’d be awesome if you can plug it and so we can have 500 people collarborate and make some sweet spreadsheet art.

    Interesting idea, Wing. Could be like Time Friends, or the late, lamented The Bench. Get collaboratin’, peoples!

  • Steve “presumably no relation to T” Campbell wrote:

    Hey Fleen, you should check out Toyzville. It is a funny comic done by a friend of mine named Larry Merrill. He is really hitting his stride and more people should be reading it. Plus he is a good guy, and sometimes I write comics for him.

    Noted, Steve. Go check out a guy hittin’ his stride, peoples!

Okay, be honest — how many of you actually read all the way down here? Really? Cool.

Uh, I live in Chicago and we have been having some of the nicest weather you cuold ask for this time of the year (50 F daily). I don’t know why anybody would have to “brave the wind & wuthering” when it is so very pleasant outside.

I did, Gary.

I did, too.

I hit the space bar a few times.

Count me among those who finished your post.

Hey, my very first plug ever, ever! This is great… Thanks, mister!

Usually I only read until I see my name, then I stop and spend the next fifteen minutes spinning around in my chair trying to pat myself on the back. This time I read all the way down, though, if only to see if I was mentioned again.

I was not.

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