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Endings, Beginnings

Webcomics in a moment; time for me to abuse my position just a little and go off-topic. We’re updating a bit late today because I’ve been helping to look for a lost dog. If anybody reading this is in central NJ, and comes across the miniature dachshund shown above, contact me please. She got spooked by fireworks at midnight on New Year’s Eve, and ran off without her collar and tags. Her name’s Daisy, and you’ll know it’s her because she loves people, demands attention, and will pee on anything and anyone that sits still for even a minute. As you might guess, the owner is distraught beyond belief and there is a reward. Found!

Okay, webcomics: yesterday (or Saturday, depending on how you want to count) saw the end of Narbonic, and what sure as hell looked like the end of Irregular Webcomic! In fact, neither is quite gone, and I don’t mean in an as long as we remember them, they’re still with us kind of way.

Narbonic is rerunning from the beginning with Director’s Commentary and promises of weekly podcasts & such. So look for that to run … about six more years. Irregular Webcomic!, on the other hand, did wrap up after four years, with David Morgan-Mar promising to let us know what his next project would be. Turns out, it’s the fifth year of Irregular Webcomic! Sneaky bastard, that Morgan-Mar.

And, for those of you in certain cities (like, anywhere in New Jersey where you can pick up a copy of the Star-Ledger), Diesel Sweeties launched a week early. The very sexy Rich Stevens celebrated by revamping his website, which now features tabs for ‘Sweeties Classic, Print ‘Sweeties, and more. You’ll also be able to catch Print ‘Sweeties at, which still lists the strip as “coming soon”. But Stevens tells us that when the launch occurs:

Here’s how it will work: the syndicated version of Diesel Sweeties will be launching in newspapers across the U.S. and Canada on January 8, 2007. These are original strips, designed for traditional comics pages and syndicated via United Feature Syndicate. On the day of publication, they’ll be appearing in print as well as on (I’ll give you the link for that as soon as it’s live)

Approximately a week after a strip is in print, I’ll be archiving it here on my site along with all my webcomics. Everybody wins!

Hooray for Stevens! Hooray for Morgan-Mar! Hooray for Garrity! 2007 is off to one hell of a start.

I’m glad you found your dog. Happy New Year!

Thank you, Christopher. Although to be fair, it’s not my dog … my dog is a greyhound, which is the polar opposite of a weiner dog. For instance, the Gynostryker would not be weakened by a picture of my dog.

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