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Oh Man, And Just Before The Newspaper Launch. Coincidence?

We at Fleen join all on the wider inter-nets in wishing Clango Cyclotron a speedy recovery from his current injuries. Latest updates to his condition indicate extensive cognitive damage, but his caregivers continue to hope for the best.

Those familiar with Mr Cyclotron believe this to be an upheaval in his life with the potential for lasting repercussions, of a scale and severity not seen for several years. Meanwhile, police are searching for a one Mister Indy Rock Pete, who is wanted for questioning in the matter.

In happier news, did you see what the Old Grey Lady had to say about Child’s Play yesterday? Thanks to David Malki ! for the tip, who notes:

btw my own series of charity auctions raised nearly $750 for that organization, and ryan north‘s netted $553. WE ARE DOING OUR PART

Current total for CP’06 sits at $885,000 (US), with the various corporate & side-project contributions yet to be totalled. At some point this weekend, I hope to be able to tell you that it hit a number with six zeros attached.

Oh snap?

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