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Holiday Rounds

In case you were wondering, this is why Bill Amend deserves your thanks. I can’t help but think that had FoxTrot come along later, or broadband earlier, he would have been one of us (heck, he wrote the foreword to Attack of the Bacon Robots). In style and sensibility, his work really was the precursor to the geek aesthetic that dominates so much of webcomics, and it’s good to know that he won’t ever be farming out his work.

In other news: General Zod may have a challenger for hilarious sci-fi cultural reference: Space dingoes stole my baby.

And from our own Jeff Lowrey: could this be a new source for webcomics merch? Coming soon: action figures of Tycho and Gabe. No, not cartoon Tycho & Gabe, but the Bunsen & Beaker-like real thing. They’ll be the first releases in a series of “Webcartoonists of the World” figures (coming soon from the Franklin Mint); the second wave will feature a short-packed Scott McCloud (new tour dates here, btw), with an in-scale Ryan North build-a-figure!

I took the Foxtrot news hard when I first heard it… especially since it came on my birthday.

But at least we have Sundays to look forward to!

Dave Kellett is a thieving bastard.

This is from the script for tomorrow’s Goats, which I wrote last week:

“trooper: that’s because we’re being eaten by (space koalas | space
rapists | space rabbits | space monkeys | space dingoes | space horses).”

I’m inking the space-rabbits right now. If I had chosen dingoes, this could have been disastrous. Have you no conscience, Kellett? How low will you stoop?

You can get revenge on him, Jon. Sweet sweet revenge.

Just produce a bobble-head Jerrell.

Ah, Binkley toys.

Took them six months and 4 prototypes before they felt the need to tell me they only use template designs.


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