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Angels And Devils And Pirates, Oh My!

Christmas present time from the world of webcomics, kiddies! Let’s check ’em out.

There were announced a scant 10 days ago, and arriving just in time for Christmas giving (to me) were the Devil’s Panties playing cards. Aside from Jennie Breeden’s humorous and charming illustrations, you have within this deck new ways to play games, since many of the cards feature a core cast of characters (cartoon Jennie, Jennie-as-angel, Jennie-as-devil, etc.). You’re playing poker and two people have a flush? Whoever has more Pirates in their hand wins, since as we all know, Pirates are the Chosen People.

Continuing their way through the webcomics ranks, Wizard magazine offers us all a present in the form of an interview with John Allison

An early present, but a present nonetheless, from the frighteningly talented (and let’s be honest — just plain frightening) Andy Bell, in the form of ZLIKS. Available in nine editions of varying limitability. Handed a box of the Ice variety by their unholy sire, I can attest to the fact that these deranged critters are a fine compliment to your mantelpiece, den, or (in my case) the top of an Amish-made hardwood bookcase, keeping watch over my library/office and intimidating the hell out of my Stupid, Stupid Rat Creature. You should totally get some, if only for the copy on the bottom of their box:

cut box and fold out to use as a backdrop!
impress your friend(s)!

From the delightful Liz Greenfield, a stocking stuff(sucks)er in the form of a photoessay of the recent Birmingham International Comics Show, featuring erotical (nude?) dancing! Saucy.

And, in recognition that the morning after Christmas sometimes brings those longing feelings after all the buildup is over, this sad note: Chris Baldwin announced today that he will be ending Bruno in February. It’s a tough loss for webcomics, but as Baldwin writes:

Over the last couple of years I have mulled over this idea (of ending Bruno) a million times, and on June 18, 2006 I finally decided to end it. At that point I plotted out the ending, although it has morphed and extended itself several times. I didn’t announce it sooner because I couldn’t bear to admit it to you all, let alone myself (I feel physical nausea right now as I write this). I also wanted to be able to back out if I changed my mind.

But I have now written the final sequences, and despite misgivings and sadness, I have never changed my mind that it was the right decision.

In the end, my gut tells me this. I simply do not have a drive to continue creating Bruno’s world at this time. And although I know her and her world well enough to continue doing a decent job, I can no longer deny these feelings that it is time to give it a gentle closure. Bruno needed my everything, and I don’t feel I am giving it that anymore.

We at Fleen salute Baldwin for doing right by his creation, and wanting to end having done his very best work. Go read his announcement on the Bruno main page (no direct link, sorry) and then drop him a line to let him know what you think.

Why no direct link for Bruno? Certainly it should qualify as a significant enough comic to warrant it:

… unless Chris Baldwin requested you not provide one, in which case, feel free to edit it out of this comment.

Um, that would be because there is one there. Mouse around “… he will be ending Bruno in February.” and see what you come up with. Your link goes to the same place as mine.

[…] Liz Greenfield presents a photo-essay documenting England’s recent Birmingham International Comics Show. (Link via Gary Tyrrell.) […]

Well… yes. I see. Duh.

But then why did you say

Go read his announcement on the Bruno main page (no direct link, sorry)

When there was in fact a direct link?

Grrr. Didn’t close the blockquote tag, apparently. Sorry.

Okay, I see what’s going on. I meant that there was no direct link to the announcement (there isn’t, it’s just at the top of the Bruno page, but will scroll off eventually). You were wondering if there wasn’t a direct link to the strip’s home. Wacky misunderstandings!

And I fixed your tag, no worries.

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