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And Ditto For Jennie Breeden

Playing cards! Playing cards! Playing cards! Playing cards!



[…] There were announced a scant 10 days ago, and arriving just in time for Christmas giving (to me) were the Devil’s Panties playing cards. Aside from Jennie Breeden’s humorous and charming illustrations, you have within this deck new ways to play games, since many of the cards feature a core cast of characters (cartoon Jennie, Jennie-as-angel, Jennie-as-devil, etc.). You’re playing poker and two people have a flush? Whoever has more Pirates in their hand wins, since as we all know, Pirates are the Chosen People. […]

[…] And, not strictly speaking new, but new for 2007, there’s a brand new set of 12 card for Valentine’s Day over at Scene Language, and more at The Devil’s Panties (featuring images from the deck of cards — hearts, naturally). Panties creator Jennie Breeden is also doing custom greeting cards — you pick the strip, pick the wording, and hey presto, it’s on the way to you. It’s like a completely-customized piece of merch for you and you alone. Neat. […]

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