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As Originally Popularized By The Back Page of Harper’s Magazine

  • Official Goal for Child’s Play 2006 (at launch), in US dollars: $600,000
  • Total one week ago: $495,000
  • Total as of today, which presumably includes the proceeds from the dinner/auction held two days ago: $760,000
  • Days until Christmas: 10
  • Degree, expressed as a percentage, to which the offical goal has already been exceeded: 26.67
  • Likelihood, expressed as a percentage, of exceeding a total of $800,000 for the year, thus allowing Child’s Play to have reached a total (since 2003) of $2 million: 95
  • Likelihood, expressed as a percentage, of exceeding a total of $1,00,000 for the year: 80
  • Intrinsic worth of those involved in the conception, organization, and execution of Child’s Play 2006, including all donors, on a scale of 1 to 10: awesome beyond all measure

I’m most impressed with the togetherness this has brought the comic community. Nearly all of the sites I’ve visited in the past few days have been promoting Wondermark’s auctions.

That’s really great.

Well, I’m more impressed with how much money people have raised for children’s hospitals.

Maybe I mean “most impressed” is synonymous with “really digging”… yes. That’s it.

I’m really keeping my fingers crossed on them breaking the $1,000,000 mark. They’ve already are past most of the big money-makers, but I’m hoping all of the auctions finishing up will be enough to go the distance.

Of course, even if they don’t, they’ve already shattered into the official ‘awesome’ zone of achievement with this year’s run.

[…] At Fleen, Gary Tyrrell provides a quick look at just how insanely successful this year’s edition of Penny Arcade co-creators Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins’ Child’s Play fundraising drive for hospitalized children has been. […]

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