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Minor Amounts Of News Today, As I’m Quite Tired

Apparently in need of cash to continue his puppy-kicking and America-hating activities (per the Project Wonderful ads), Jon Rosenberg is auctioning off his first Goats strip. As of press time, the top bid is by one rstevens606g (a suspicously-familiar moniker), and the bid history also shows interest by one wigujeff (likewise). Since selling Goats #1 to a fellow Dumbrellite would likely result in the art being used to torment Mr Rosenberg, won’t you consider giving it a loving home?

Alternately, if you’re one of Rosenberg’s legion of enemies, consider this your opportunity to torment him yourself, at the (currently) low, low price of $128 (priority shipping included). In my daydream, T Campbell buys it, defaces it, and uses it for the cover of AHOW 2.0. The auction runs for just under two more days.

Speaking of Project Wonderful (and we were, right up there), internet marketing solution gurus ClickZ Network take a close look at the auction-based ad service (link via Journalista) and seem to find the business model sufficiently intriguing to include glowing quotes like:

“I’m looking at $1000 a month after Project Wonderful takes its cut, if current levels hold,” said Josh Roberts, creator of “I expect to make a lot more money than with the standard ad network like ValueClick or Tribal Fusion. I’ll make easily three times as much money with Project Wonderful.” [emphasis mine]

and to include analysis like:

Project Wonderful is ramping up to support increasing demand, but North acknowledges that his system is more targeted towards small businesses and individuals, and so isn’t a threat to large advertising networks yet. [emphasis mine]

What I find even intriguinger (perhaps even intriugingest) is that the article describes Ryan North as CEO and co-founder, which you must admit is an intriguing mental image. If anybody wants to do a visual interpretation of the Toronto Man-Mountain: CEO (perhaps a mash-up with Rich Uncle Pennybags), we’ll be glad to share the images here.

I’m still going to kick your ass, Tyrrell. Did you think I forgot?

Meet me behind after gym class. It’s ON.

Wait, which one of us gets to kiss the hot English teacher?

So, you think making dated references to movies that came out when I was seven years old will save you?

You are a handsomely-mustached FOOL.

You know what they say, Paul: age and guile beat youth, innocence, and a bad haircut.


Gary is a master of Tae-Kwan Leap.

Boot to the head!

How did you know I got a bad haircut yesterday? It felt like the woman was trying to scrape the mold off a December jack-o-lantern.

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