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Anybody Using It Yet?

ComicSpace, of course. For the five of you that haven’t gone to take a look in the week since launch, it’s a comics-themed MySpace with (for now, at least) a low incidence of blaring music, hideous color combinations, whiney teen attention whores, and Rupert Murdoch.

What it does have is a bemused creator who can’t quite believe that more than 4200 people have taken out accounts so far (it was supposed to be a limited release), or that he racked up more than 100,000 hits in the first 24 hours (pretty impressive, considering that he hasn’t implemented the key These Are The Comics I Like feature, and didn’t figure he’d need dedicated hosting or bandwidth-cost-offsetting revenue quite this soon).

Still, I wonder if a social-networking site devoted to comics fans is going to be long-term viable … let’s be honest with ourselves … how often do you use the words “social networking” and “comics fans” in the same sentence? Aaaand the time to the first angry comment starts — NOW!

As soon as I wipe my strudel-stained hands on my sloppy pot-belly, comb my wispy crop of facial hair and fix my coke-bottle glasses with a piece of masking tape, I am going to KICK YOUR ASS Tyrrell.

Finally! I place where I can stalk like-minded people!

BEFRIEND! I mean befriend!

So where’s the Fleen account?

Hey, what social life I have revolves around comics and other geeky pursuits!

I thought you had to be invited.

Finally, a website where I can promote my webcomic to thousands of other webcomic artists.



No, you’ve got it backwards Orneryboy.

It’s a website where thousands of other webcomic artists can promote their webcomics to you.

Did someone set the Honesty Monster loose?

It smells like TRUTH in here.

When Warren E first mentioned this, it said it was “Myspace for Comics People.”

I turned off the computer and went for a walk.

Next up is ComicsCupid, where webcomic artists can fill out personality tests, meet, and exchange venereal diseases (and crippling social phobias).

Yay! The webcomic promotion circle-jerk has a new outlet!
Oh who am I kidding? I’m on it too.

s/w/24 m4wookiee

Yeah, I signed up.

I don’t foresee this having a lot of staying power, but for the moment I get to pretend all these small press publishers actually give a shit about me and my eight word profile.

With any luck, I’ll snag a reader or two before the wave crashes.

What are you talking about, Jeph? Don’t you know how many virgins are in webcomics? Vernereal diseases…yeah right.

I don’t understand the elitism guys. It’s this social networking thing that got everyone their audiences to begin with. No more or less worthy than the other methods of attention-getting like a toplist or messageboard.

As for the long term viability of it, adding the power to blog/ post new material will assure it’ll get used by some. Cynic that I am, though, I predict it will become like that previous bandwagon everyone jumped on, the wiki at It’ll serve as a neglected reference tool for everyone who remembers it’s there.

William, I think we’re all just riffing on the fact that the webcomics community is incestuous enough as it is. We need a way to get the message out to the Normals, not advertise to more of our own kind.

I mean, it’s a nice little website and all, but if webcomics had a logo, it would be a snake eating another snake, eating another snake who is having a hard time getting a girlfriend.

Still waiting for my confirmation or activate or whatever email…

“I mean, it’s a nice little website and all, but if webcomics had a logo, it would be a snake eating another snake, eating another snake who is having a hard time getting a girlfriend. ”

Paul – if you make this, I will tattoo it on my FACE.

Paul fails to comprehend that, given the sheer number of extant webcomics out there, there are in fact thousands of entirely separate “webcomics communities”. I mean, there are at least five on KeenSpace/Spot/Whatever alone.

He is, unfortunately, right that all of them are horribly over-incestuous.

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