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Things Happening, Oh, Now-ish

It’s Anniversary Monday in webcomics, apparently. Today, Stuff Sucks hits 100 strips, Byrobot hits 250, and FODI hits 400.

In other news, Pet Professional is updating every day this week to finish up its current story arc, and the ranks of those experimenting with doing a webcomic continue to expand.

In the you always knew there was something about that guy, didn’t you? section of today’s news, check out the two Project Wonderful ads in the centerthe meme has spread! at Goats today. I’m not sayin’ it’s true … I’m just sayin’ that Jeff Rowland might be in a position to spill some secrets.

In the homage section of today’s news, facial hair combat continues to spread. Careful who you homage there, Chris Crosby. Just sayin’.

In the evil beaten back section of today’s news, webcomics continue to convert away from ActiveX.

And in the but did you get Kris Straub? section of today’s news, Grumps now has a theme song. Happy listening, peoples!

All I can say is that I’m WAAAAAY behind on my GOATS reading. My BEARDFIGHT was neither an homage or a rip-off. Sorry, though, Jon!

(Though I notice those March 2005 Mustache Fight strips included a joke about bleeding facial hair. Covered that ground myself about five or six years ago… I would dig up that link but my archives are too damn big and I am not THAT insane.)

Okay, I guess I AM that insane. I haven’t found the bleeding hair joke yet, but look what I DID find:

Note the date.

Chris Crosby, obsessed with facial hair fighting since 2003.

And here’s the bleeding hair joke:

Sorry, I get a bit defensive on a subject like this. I would never, ever, EVER rip anyone off intentionally in any way. And if I do an homage, which is rare, it’s of something a heck of a lot more well-known than a GOATS storyline from 2005. Or of any webcomic, really.

PetPRO site has been down for the last couple of weeks back.

Personally I do not care, great minds think alike, Chris!

We MUST, that’s exactly what I would’ve said in response to myself! :)

You are a class act as always, Mr. Rosenberg. Excelsior!

I bet Mr. Tyrrell said, “Careful who you homage there” in more the sense that one might say, “Careful or Mr. Jon Rosenberg might think you want him to challenge you to a facial hair fight.”

I hear that when he’s not busy kicking puppies or hating America, Mr. Jon Rosenberg scours the interweb for facial hair combat.

Mr Buchwald is exactly correct; you don’t want to get caught up with somebody who hates freedom, Chris.

And puppies.

gary where are the PW ads for this site i want to make fun of you get the word out about my little-known comic strip

Algeya, Pet Pro hasn’t been down the past couple weeks. Unless, I’ve been updating in my mind. Hm. Check again.

Jeph, the day your comic is “little-known”, is the day that you don’t wake up with sore arms from packing t-shirts all night.

Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?

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