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Interview Update

Well, I asked for volunteers for interviews, and Boy Howdy did I get a Crop O’ Goodness.

Given that I only do one interview a week, I’m going to put a qualifier on my previous statement of “I want to talk to YOU!”. I do, just … not soon. Of course, we at Fleen in general are always glad to hear from anyone involved in the webcomics ‘verse, and we do want to hear what you have to say.

But my schedule for the next few months is now booked. On the subject of schedule, I’m going to take two weeks off around the turn of the year. I’ll publish my last interview of 2006 on the 19th, and then pick up again on January 9th.

Here’s the list of people I’ll be talking to in 2007, in no guaranteed order:

That looks like an amazing start to 2007, so I hope you’ll join me in not being able to wait.

Oh now, I wouldn’t say prettiest. Easiest, maybe, but sometimes that’s just as good.

[…] Really, though, it’s an interview with Lisa Fary and John Dallaire (formerly known as “artist”). […]

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