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Little Bits ‘Til The Main Post Later

Two of Fleen’s favorites have pieces of pure, distilled fun for you. From the star-dripping reaches of Beverly Hills, you have photos from the launch party for Dave Kellett’s second Sheldon collection, The Good, The Bad & The Pugly, and the very good news that Google has reinstated his AdSense account. Hooray for Kellett!

And kickin’ it East Coast style, Rich Stevens reports that enough newspapers (including the mighty Detroit News) have signed up for Diesel Sweeties to ensure a successful launch. But! There’s still lots of papers to convert to the cause, so check out the list that Stevens has provided of newspapers that could use a gentle nudge in the right direction. Stevens, ever a classy guy, asks that you:

Please, don’t talk smack about other comics when you write in. Every strip is somebody’s favorite. Just let them know who you are and that you’d like them to consider Diesel Sweeties from United Feature Syndicate for a slot on their comics page.

Please address your letter to the Features Editor. A paper letter is best, but an email would also be appreciated

And if you do, you can make it official: send Stevens a copy of the letter, and you will receive documentation that you liked Diesel Sweeties before it sold out. There are privileges to having this card, and you want to receive one. Hooray for Stevens! And Hooray for Zoidberg!

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