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Head ‘Em Out, Rawhide

Breaking-er News:: David Malki ! informs us that his first auction for Child’s Play netted nearly $250; second of three auctions is now live.

Breaking News: You can win a pair of tickets to tomorrow’s Child’s Play dinner/auction by drawing a three-panel comic that includes:

  • The 2006 Child’s Play logo
  • A cat
  • Meat
  • A city with a Child’s Play partner hospital

Details here, you have until tomorrow to enter.

Our news roundup starts with Child’s Play, where we remind those of you with a free evening in your schedule that tomorrow is the last day to buy tickets for the annual dinner/auction; Kristin tells us more than 225 tickets have been sold so far, so brush off the black tie and learn which fork is which so you don’t embarass yourself in front of all those people. Likewise, the Fünde Razor is tonight in Brooklyn, so get over there for some Guitar Hero II and good works.

In other news, we’ve heard about a number of comics recently, and wanted to share:

  • Jennifer Omand has been chronicling her life in SquareCat Comics for three-plus years now; she recently sat down with videoblog The Eye to chat about her work.
  • Speaking of long-time projects we’ve just heard about, ReOdorant has been going for six years now; the archive and navigation are a bit primitive, but they seem to indicate that the strip has been fallow for much of the past four years. Regardless, it’s firmly in the single-panel random gag category (stick-figures subdivision), so check it out if you like that sort of thing.
  • Speaking of fallow, Stephanie Wagner & Austin Mackenzie’s Ganalath the Extraordinary has returned from hiatus and is looking to regain its former readers.
  • Tevong You chimes in with a request that you check out Adlib Comics; consider yourself requested. It’s got a feel like a single-panel, random gag comic, but the art is much better than that label would lead you to expect, and it’s multi-panel. Weirdly, it reminds me of a bastard child of The Far Side and Sinfest.
  • Speaking of single-panel, random gag comics (st.fig.div): SkitZo MaN. Does feeling a little dirty after typing out that random capitalization make me a bad person?
  • From Tommie Kelly, news that THE END is switching to a daily schedule, revamping its website, and revamping its art. That means opportunities for reader feedback, so let Kelly know what’s working and what isn’t (my two cents: a big-ass ActiveX control forming the content of the first page pretty much guarantees I’m not looking any further).

Got news you want to share? Send it in.

Point taken about the active x control, it’s just a flash file, but i guess in this day and age people can’t take the risk!

Site will be Html only for it’s update on Monday.

Thanks for the mention!

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