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Happy News x 3

For those of you that keep up with such things (which I would hope would be all of you), Child’s Play has crossed the $260,000 mark, with 24 days yet to go. Good start people, but let’s see if we can crack the official goal of $600,000 with some more to spare. Speaking of Child’s Play, David Malki ! would really like you to know that he supports Child’s Play, and he’s making good on that support with auctions of original art:

I’ve designed three unique Wondermark poster prints that I’ve personally matted and framed, and I will be offering them on eBay, one after the other. These are brand new, never-been-seen one-of-a-kind Wondermark pieces that will look handsome on someone’s wall. (They’re beautiful copperplate engravings — they’ll look like ART, for God’s sake. Until you read the captions.)

100% of the proceeds from all three auctions will be donated to Child’s Play.

While we’re on the topic, I’d like to draw your attention to one of the hospitals in this year’s Child’s Play network: Children’s Cancer Hospital, in Cairo, Egypt. As you may have read in our interview Kristin Lindsay, Children’s Cancer Hospital is in exteme need; they don’t have paint on some of the walls. Want to change the world? Give what you can to your preferred local hospital, then give just five bucks to CCH. Can’t do five? Three. ONE.

If everybody that gives to Child’s Play gives just one extra dollar, think of what it would do for the reputation of gamers, webcomics readers, Westerners. We aren’t a government, we’re just individuals — and we can say, “We’ve never met you, but we think your children deserve better than they’re getting, and we’re willing to help.” I’m making a donation in the name of each of my nieces and nephews, and I hope that some of you reading this will be willing to do something similar.

In other news, it’s been six years of Scandanavian naughtiness at Little Gamers; celebrations include the announcement of a third book (in color, this time), and undoubtedly some drunken debauchery. Skaol, guys.

And I note with interest that Achewood is now hooked up with Oh No Robot, meaning that the world is a mere 700 200 transcriptions away from being able to search for their favorite Beefism any time day or night. Get typing Nice job, people.

Achewood on Oh No Robot is a wonderful, wonderful thing. It is like a wonderful prayer has been answered. Without the killings one would expect previous to such a prayer being answered, I would add.

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