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On The Nature Of Art, The History Of John Cage, And Four Black Panels (Plus News)

It’s Philosophy, Ho! time over at Irregular Webcomic today, with a lengthy discussion on the nature of art from David Morgan-Mar. Those of you looking for punning snarkery and Lego constructions may want to check back tomorrow.

In other webcomics news, you gots Andy Bell, solo-showin’ machine, getting his gallery schedule off to a fast start for 2007. Those of you in Chicago, you got about five weeks to clear your calendar and check out the show. Now if he could just remember to bring my ZLIKS figure to me at the Pub …

From the nearest titty bar, you gots Wiz Rollins, formerly of Bad Shape, informing us that he’s teaming up with DJ Coffman as the new co-writer of Yirmumah. Look for Rollins to add erotical pole technicians to approximately every third strip.

Over Webcomics Nation way, you gots Grant Thomas announcing the first minicomic for My Life In Records, available through Lulu.

Also at Lulu, you gots Gabe Strine of Brinkerhoff fame, releasing a book of the full three-year run of his online-and-print strip, The Zoo.

In Great Britain, you gots the launch of chapter four of the online graphic novel Shades, courtesy of Broken Voice Comics.

At Otaku Generation, you gots the creative team behind Onezumi interviewed for podcast#75, and also at Sequential Tart.

And finally, from deepest space, you gots David C. Simon pointing us to his sci-fi strip, Crimson Dark, wherein it’s shown that you can do 75 strips (and counting) of a renderish art style without falling into the Uncanny Valley (even if he can’t spell “Tyrrell” correctly, dammit.)

I really liked Crimson Dark! It’s nice to see a comic that uses 3D in a way that’s not ‘lookatmelookatme’, unnatural, and deals with a subject matter that is well suited to the art style.

That sentence was badly constructed, and I apologize.

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