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A Little Something While The Bread Bakes

Seriously, why are you reading this, American readers? You should be eating pie!

Anyway, quick bit today, as I received in the mail this week a Stuff Sucks skin for my iPod. As near as I can tell, Liz Greenfield is the first to put webcomics stuff on a iPod skin, and I’m surprised that others haven’t jumped on the bandwagon — it’s a great combination.

The actual manufactury is by the folks at GelaSkins, and not having been previously familiar with their products, I gotta say that it’s pretty nice, but a slight pain to apply. It took some patient attempts to get the skin to wrap my Nano with no overlap, and the screen insert took a while to give up its air bubbles. Also, there are almost vanishingly-small strips that need to be peeled off after applying the clickwheel & select button overlays, or the controls don’t work smoothly (you can see the white rings in the photo above, but this was not well explained in the product instructions).

But none of these concerns are major, and none of them detract from Greenfield’s killer art; I feel confident that my tunes are now sexily protected against all smears, scratches and minor bumps. It’s so nice, in fact, that my wife wants one with T-Rex and/or Utahraptor for her iPod (Are you reading this, Ryan North? It’s not a holiday for you today, but you can still have pie if you want!). Anyway, the totality of field testing from Fleen Labs has resulted in a rating of Unequivocally Worth Your Money for the Stuff Sucks iPod skin. Before we wrap (ha, ha!), let’s hear from the creator herself about recent goings-on:

One great thing about making webcomics in Manchester England, as I’m sure John Allison would agree, is that it never requires you to leave your house on a cold day in November while it is invariably raining buckets. I made a dangerous exception this [past] weekend to launch my first British art show, alongside four other creators from across the land! A wide array of traditional media was used including lumps of wood, heavy drinking, and vandalism. The turnout was enough fun to last me throughout the wet winter season.

(Rumor has it that Greenfield will be venturing afield again for the Birmingham International Comics Show, Dec 9 & 10; if you see her, tell her the skin rocks hard.)

Editor’s note: Yeah, we saw that the graphic didn’t upload. It’s a holiday, we’ll fix it eventually. Sorry. Fixed!

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