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She’s A Good Gal, ‘Cause She Always Does What She Otter! Ah, I Got A Million Of ‘Em!

Some quick notes from the BLC front, where it’s Real Life‘s 7th anniversary, Ugly Hill has one of those sweet, sweet lines that’s pure distilled Funny, and Howard Tayler has declared Sheldon‘s “mission accomplished!

Speaking of politics, not many webcomics do; oh, sure, there will be the occasional injection of such, but a full-bore, long-term, story-oriented (as opposed to what’s happening in the world today?) approach, not so much. One webcomic that devotes itself pretty much exclusively to political ideas is A Girl And Her Fed, of which we’ve spoken previously.

Recently, AGAHF introduced a most unique character, Mr Speedy. Yep, a hyperconservative, genetically-engineered, mutant koala. And may I add that some subset of “hyperconservative, genetically-engineered mutant koala” would make a great name for a band?

Anyhoo, AGAHF creator Brooke “Otter” Spangler is looking to support the strip by doing some pretty cool projects; these side stories are not integral to the overall plot, but are intended to fill in background details. She sent me her first, Speedy’s Story, which tells the tale of exactly how you create a hyperconservative, genetically-engineered, mutant koala (for those of you with free time this weekend). It’s not quite merchandise, since it’s a PDF that you’re getting; it’s less ephemeral than “bonus art” or “wallpaper”, though. Here’s the deal from Spangler herself:

I’ve promised AGAHF’s readers that I won’t hold any information hostage in these stories … This character’s backstory is irrelevant to the central plot – he’s a genetically-engineered koala bear, plain and simple. However, if someone wanted to know the origins of the character, they could either take me out to dinner for a good, long conversation over drinks, or they could purchase the PDF. Five bucks is certainly the cheaper option.

The story is nicely done, and it looks great; if you like AGAHF even a little, give up 1.32 fancy-ass drinks at Starbucks this week and check out Speedy’s story. Or for a few dollars more, you can get a printed copy with an extra page (which is still a bargain compared to what the drinks would likely cost). And whatever you do, don’t let a koala get at your email password, if you know what’s good for you.

Aw, shucks.

[url=]Shooting War[/url] is an excellent comic that has to do with the war in Iraq.

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