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It’s Idol-riffic!

From Sean Conchieri, news of the Bomb Shelter Comics competition, Webcomics Idol:

Bomb Shelter Comics has selected its top ten submissions for the First Annual Webcomics Idol Contest! We’ve got a damn good group of contestants here, and one of them will get free hosting, membership, and other goodies the collective can provide! To see the top ten, and to vote, check the link

Guest judges will start reviewing the contestants next week, but in the meantime you can look over the comics and express your opinions as to which part of the herd should be thinned. Head over to the page and decide who you think should NOT be in the running. As a side note, the BSC crew had a tough job, as a full 68 comics were in the running for WCI, and there are some worthy contestants in the final 10.

In fact, let’s give a little love to the finalists. Ladies and gentlement, may we present:

As of this writing, there are 136 votes total; we’ll be sure to bring you the winner when it’s all decided.

What do you mean pseudo autobiographical?

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