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Apologies for the late update today; got some computer woes at home, leading to late and irregular access to email and my trawl list, and likely to remain that way for a little bit. Let move onto some happenings in the wild, wild world o’ webcomics, shall we?

  • Regular readers of this page will know that I loves me some Digger, with a special spot in my heart for Ed the hyena. Per today’s setup, looks like we got some Ed on tap. Now all we need is more Digger print collections, and all shall be well.
  • Steve Troop is continuing his 24 hour comic experiment. Has anybody else tried this on such a regular basis before?
  • Wigu is coming back. From J-Ro’s LiveJournal:

    I am “developing” new Wigu comics, and it’ll go something like this. On, new comics will start running soon. These will be Wigu one-off strips, ones that are independent. Like “prequel” comics kind of. Before the madness set in.

    There will also be other comics on there, like American Platypus and stuff like that. Basically I still really enjoy doing Overcompensating, and will continue, but it gets boring to just write and draw what actually happens everyday. OC will probably scale back to like 3 days a week.

    Wigu Adventures will be the continuing Atlantis/Mars story that will be for sale on paper and added to the area many, many months after sales of the print version dies down.

  • Speaking of madness, Jennie Breeden brings all you ladies the treat of men in kilts all year ’round!
  • And with the end of the year fast approaching, we at Fleen will be doing a list of the most interesting/notable happenings in webcomics, complete with suggestions by you, our loyal readers. Got anything you think was particularly cool? Email it to gary at, for inclusion in the year-end spectacular.

Queen and webcomics go together like oleo and saltines (that’s a good thing). I once stated an amazing statistic that 76% of all webcomics use Queen lyrics as their punchlines. I’ll be damned if it isn’t true!

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