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Again With The Email Outbox

Date: 8 Nov 2006
From: Gary Tyrrell
To: _______, Features Editor

Subject: Comics page

Dear ________,

Can I call you ________? Since I’ve written to you several times, I feel like I know you. I apologize if I’m being too forward. I haven’t heard back since I wrote to you on the 17th of September about the comics page, and how I hoped that you might revamp it soon (especially by including the forthcoming Diesel Sweeties by Rich Stevens). He’s starting to pick up steam, with major papers in major markets (I’ve been sworn to secrecy, but one of those markets rhymes with “eattle”) deciding to add Diesel Sweeties to their comics page lineup. I’m hoping that in the time since we last spoke, you’d given some consideration to adding the strip yourself; United Features Syndicate has a promo kit waiting for you!

Perhaps you fear that, coming from the wilds of the internet as it does, Diesel Sweeties is untested for unsuitable for the wider populace. If that’s your concern, I’d point out that this time next week, a reprint volume of a webcomic is up for a National Book Award. Other publishers are snatching up webcomics left and right, looking to print and distribute accomplished, quality creators not just into comics stores, but into major bookstore chains. Trade journals such as Editor & Publisher and Publishers Weekly now carry stories (sometimes entire sections!) on comics, webcomics, and manga on a regular basis. Next month, Business 2.0 will be doing a feature story on how being a webcomics creator can be a career. I know that newspaper publishing is by its nature an industry with a great deal of inertia, but these happenings ought to help convince you that there’s something of worth here.

If you’re still hesitant, maybe Mister Washington can change your mind … he has a brother, you know. If you can resist the siren song of cold hard cash, how about cookies? You like cookies? I’ll bake you cookies if you give Diesel Sweeties a look.

In any event, thank you again for your time. In all seriousness, I do want to help you find the best mix of comics for ________, and I really do think that Diesel Sweeties can be a cornerstone of that effort.

Gary Tyrrell
________, NJ

PS: Seriously, cookies. Mmmmm, cookies!

Editor’s note: Once again, I’ll let you know of any replies.

If the editor doesn’t reply can I have dah kookie?

Thanks again for championing the cause Gary.

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