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While He’s Out Of The Country And It’s Safe To Talk

Oh, man, I feel terrible even thinking this, but I think it’s time to toss Scott McCloud; he’s not holding up well, and it’s time for him to end up on the compost heap of, if not history, at least my back yard. Don’t look at me that way; it’s either this … or pie. While we’re at it, say a fond farewell to the Devil, too.

On a happier note, I’m thrilled (can you tell I’m thrilled? ’cause I am) that I was able to read Sheldon this morning. See, normally I have to wait until I get into work, because I don’t allow Internet Explorer on my computer at home, and would, 75% of the time, load ads and banners and no comic unless I used IE. Then I have to deal with ads, and banners, and pop-ups, and who knows what, and about twice a month, they wouldn’t bother updating the strip for two or three days anyway.

Not today. Today, Sheldon casts loose his shackles, and soars free like the majestic duck. For reference, the strip is still at until December 1st to accomodate paid subscribers. I’m not holding out much hope that United Media will tell those subscribers where to find Sheldon after the 1st, so if you happen to know any, tell ’em to clear browser cache (possibly give DNS a day or two to catch up) and swim in the new site design.

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