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Quick Notes

First off, some new kinds of content coming to Fleen; we’ll be experimenting with guest authors in the next couple of days, so be sure to let us know what you think of the experiment. Also, more interviews means more fun!

Secondly, Child’s Play is back, with nearly 30 hospitals world-wide for you to support. Speaking from a personal level, the past few years, my nieces and nephews have had donations made in their names to various childrens hospitals, and they’ve all told me that it means more to them than more stuff for themselves. Fleen hopes to talk with the coordinator of this massive effort shortly, and to find out exactly how the heck it’s been live for four days, and has already reached the $50,000 mark.

Thirdly, remember to update your bookmarks, because tomorrow Dave Kellett‘s Sheldon casts off the shackles of syndication to stand proud and free on its own. No more pop-ups and pop-unders, full archives for five years of strips, RSS feed, and much more coming your way. Don’t forget to kneel before Zod.

Update in the interests of full disclosure: Kellett’s new home on the web will be provided by Dumbrella Hosting, parent corporation of Fleen. Along similar lines, DH has finished migrating the WIGU and When I Grow Up archives, so any links to those sites are probably broken now; if you find any here, let us know and we’ll fix ’em.

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