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More Interviews Should Contain A ‘Crush Whitey’ Section

Two good links via Dirk Deppey today: a great interview with Gene Yang by Shaenon Garrity at Sequential Tart, and a story about Charlie Brown and a political campaign (with echoes of copyright infringement and what constitutes Fair Use) at the Nevada Appeal.

Speaking of copyright infringement If, like me, you thought that Steven Cloud might have actually been on the receiving end of a C&D over his character, Florida Cracker, you may breathe a sigh of relief. I was 99% certain that he was funnin’ with us, but the whole idea was just stupid enough that it could have been real; Mr Cloud has confirmed that all is well.

Still speaking of copyright infringement Unnamed sources tell us that Steven Cloud is considering suing “Florida Cracker” horses and cattle for infringing on his character, Florida Cracker. More on this story as it develops.

Heh. The Brown campaign ought to swipe Hugh Lofting’s drawings in retaliation. Those may even be public domain by now.

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