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Syndication Interviewees Have News, Film At Eleven

So we at Fleen have spoken to a number of creators about webcomics and (semi-)syndication, and it turns out a couple of ’em have news these days. First off, Chris Baldwin (Little Dee, Bruno), reports that:

[A] piece I wrote, illustrated, and colored is in MAD magazine this month (November, page 40). And it looks promising that we’ll sustain a continued relationship.

So go pick up a copy of MAD and check out page 40, and let the usual gang of idiots know that you like what Baldwin’s doing.

Secondly, it’s been hinted at for some time, on this page, and elsewhere, and now the day has finally come:

A heads-up for Sheldon readers…on Tuesday, Nov. 7th, I’ll be moving the strip to a new site at

The majority of Sheldon readers currently get the strip via, or via United Media’s e-mail delivery. And when the strip moves, these readers won’t have any way of know where the strip went to (I tried putting a notice in the strip…it got edited out).

BASTARDS! They barely edit for years, and now they cut stuff? Anyhoo, Dave Kellett’s promised us more info tomorrow, so check back then for details on his new digs on the internets.

[…] Interviews, Gary Editor’s note: As noted on this page previously, Sheldon creator Dave Kellett has renounced the world of syndication and gone out on his own. We’ve Kellett’s a smart guy with an extensive background in the history of comics and syndication, and we’ve spoken to him previously on this topic at length, so we thought it would make sense to talk to him again and follow up on his big shift. Fleen: It’s been about a month now since you went indy — what’s your general impression of life away from the glamorous life of sorta-syndication? […]

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