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Weekend O’ Fun Coming Up

In no particular order:

  • Alien Loves Predator goes multimedia today. Beer goggles!
  • Stumptown Comics Fest kicks off today, and Lancaster tomorrow. Go stalk your favorite webcomickers!
  • Scott McCloud will be bouncing to-and-fro cross-continent over the next few days while his family catches its breath. I doubt you’ll be able to talk your way into the closed event that he’s doing today, but it’s worth a shot. Or you could just plan on catching him in Maine & New Hampshire next week, or the UK in the weeks after that.
  • Regarding the rumors of changes at the WCCAs yesterday, Mark Mekkes (of the WCCA planning committee) replies:

    We (the WCCA planning committee) have already done a major revision to committee organization and the nomination editing process. These changes can be seen in our charter.

    Each year we take a close look at every element of the awards and the 4th tier awards have been reconsidered every year that the awards have taken place. Currently we are in the process of reorganizing the entire list of categories and tightening up that list is a major priority this year. But at this point I honestly don’t know if the “genre” awards will be effected either completely or in part. Since the awards are coming up fast, we’re hoping to have a finalize list VERY soon.

    So sure, it’s possible, but the fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

    Fleen will be sure to report on the changes once they’re finalized. I’m not sure if that satisfies Mr (?) Nonymous’s concerns, but if it doesn’t, I’d suggest contacting the committee and asking how you can get involved (if not this year, then next).

  • Fleen will be experimenting with Project Wonderful in the near future; keep an eye out on this page for button ads you can bid on. And rest easy that despite the presence of filthy advertising, our motives and opinions will remain pure.

That’s all for today, kiddies; gotta go carve me some gourds.

[…] You may recall that a while back, there was some question about the categories for the next round of the WCCAs. Mark Mekkes, coordinator-general for the awards, has an update for us: We have finalized the categories for 2007! […]

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