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This News Update Has 22 Webcomics

  • Adam York Gregory’s strip, The Flowfield Unity, has recently become part of the Transplant Comics collective; he will be appearing at the Lancaster Comics Festival in on Saturday (along with other webcomics luminaries). Also new to Transplant Comics, Grumps by Chris Jones (about which more here).
  • Speaking of Lancaster, John Allison will have a special set of prints and a new SGR book that can only be had in person. Somebody pick me up one of each.
  • Whitney Robinson wishes to direct your attention to her new comic, Alma Mater. It’s a slice-of-life comic set at Blenheim, an all-girls’ secondary school. New comics on MWF, and we are promised experimentations with the form in the future (psst: nobody tell Eric that means fucking infinite canvas).
  • Jason Kotecki tells us that he really enjoys reading Fleen to get the inside scoop on new web comics. Thanks for the kind words, Jason! Coincidentally, he informs us as well about his comic, Kim & Jason; it’s about childhood, and he’s been running it, seven days a week, for about six years. Daily strip free, subscription to get into the archives.
  • A. Nonymous reports that the WCCA committee is considering some changes to the awards; we’ll be following up with the committee to find out if the report is in fact true, and we’ll bring you the response. Along similar lines, Lewis Powell writes to suggest that we at Fleen set up our own readers choice awards, suggesting “The Fleenies” as the name. I dunno about that one … what do you guys think?
  • Chad Diez informs us that he’s officially ending his comic, Today: The Comic, mostly due to copyright issues. The full story is available at the site of our arch-rivals, Digital Strips.
  • And finally, Sean Conchieri writes:

    Bomb Shelter Comics Wants YOU

    So you’ve got a webcomic, huh? You’ve even thought about trying to join a collective, but never heard back from anyone, right? Well, this is your lucky day. Because Bomb Shelter Comics is having their first-ever first annual Webcomic Idol membership competition! That’s right, we’re letting you guys try for a chance to join the BSC.

    Not only that, we’re offering up some goodies to whoever wins. We’re gonna give you everything you need to make that comic of yours wicked sweet, things like:

    a free BSC subdomain to host your comic on if you need it
    your very own forum on our board
    free web-design
    and a free comic management script decked out just the way you like it
    To enter all you have to do is send an email with your name and comic URL, DeviantArt accounts and things like that are okay too.

    There is a catch though, you have to update at least once a week. Miss an update and you’re out of the running. Of course, things like losing a limb and alien abduction will have exceptions made for them.

    We’ve even compiled an all-star team of judges to help out on this thing too, like:

    Tim Demeter — editor, Graphic Smash
    Daku the Rogue — founder/podcaster, Digital Strips
    and DJ Coffman — cartoonist, Yirmumah!
    plus a one or two BSC members may get in on the action
    So what’re you waiting for, drop that email on us. We’re ready and the judges are starting to foam at the mouth.

Something to add to the Webcomics Idol Contest Rules: The due date for submissions is November 8th.

Yeah, there’s some serious mouth foaming going on over here right now.

It’s pretty gross actually.

Also: no capitol M in my last name.

Normally, Fleen doesn’t make changes to emails that we receive. But since it’s an obvious error that I should have caught, we’ll correct it. Fleen apologizes for the mistake.

No worries, Gary, I was just busting chops, but thanks!

Man, it’s getting to the point where we’re going to have to start forming Webcomic Collective Collectives!

haha! great idea Paul. hmmm, I smell a t-shirt idea…

Damn! Designing such a T-shirt was our next contest…thanks for ruining it, guys.

Thanks for the mention! I look forward to annoying Eric with my infinite canvas comics in the very near future. :)

The Webcomic Idol competition is a great idea. Hopefully, it’ll be fun to follow, and it should raise the profiles of Bomb Shelter and the WI contestants.

That collective collective comment is so on the money it’s funny. It’s also going to be a reality. Anyone who dislikes the idea of tons of collectives is either forgetting, or completely unaware of, how much it sucked trying to fit into the cookie-cutter image of the syndicates. I love venturing into different collective’s sites to look around, get a feel for the place, check out what they value as a group and whether or not I want to come back to visit the them as a whole or just snag a new favorite and run. As I take a deeper gander into my crystal ball, I see a future of comic collectives that are much more focused sylistically, some that’ll stand on principles, and many, many, many that will be farm leagues for the cream of the crop.

It is as it should be.


By the way, “Ho,” is simply the Valley Miwok way to say, “Thanks for sharing.” I didn’t want anyone to think I was commenting on their promiscuity or whether or not they charge for pleasure and/or hospital visit(s) it may provide others.

Apologies for the obscure reference. Sometimes my typing fingers are a tad wily. Then I have to waste your time by explaining it. And now my cereal is soggy.

No worries, Robert.

Thundercats Ho.

[…] Regarding the rumors of changes at the WCCAs yesterday, Mark Mekkes (of the WCCA planning committee) replies: We (the WCCA planning committee) have already done a major revision to committee organization and the nomination editing process. These changes can be seen in our charter. […]

[…] Gary From Sean Conchieri, news of the Bomb Shelter Comics competition, Webcomics Idol: Bomb Shelter Comics has selected its top ten submissions for the First Annual Webcomics Idol Contest! We’ve got a damn good group of contestants here, and one of them will get free hosting, membership, and other goodies the collective can provide! To see the top ten, and to vote, check the link […]

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