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On To Happier Things

As noted in his LiveJournal, Ryan North survived a stair-climb up the tallest building in the world. In his own words:

Then my brother and I got an hour of sleep before getting up at 4:30 am to climb the CN tower, aka the tallest building1 in the world. It is 143 flights of stairs straight up, and Victor, Allene and I were among the first to start at 6:00 am. Victor was the hero, doing it 2 steps at a time most of the way up, getting to the top in 19 minutes. Also he was still drunk from last night when he did it, and puked literally minutes before he climbed the tower. TRULY UNSTOPPABLE??

I waited with Allene (NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND) and we did it in 33 minutes, 36 seconds. I got a shirt that says this and am going to modify it to 3.3 minutes, 3.6 seconds, which is a very complicated way of time measurement but which gives me ULTRA SUPER HUMAN TIME. Also: I dropped my little time card and had to go down 2 stories to get it, which means I actually climbed 145 stories, 2 more than everyone else, and those stories account for any slowness real or imagined?

So while we did not break the world record, we did raise together about $500 for charity, and I started out my new year in style. Thank you everyone for donating! We then slept and at 4:00 Victor and Paul and I dressed up like Harry Potter, a Bell Canada Service Repairman, and a woman in a very pretty skirt, respectively, and participated in the Spooky Shred / Critical Mass ride downtown, which was a ton of longboarders, all in costume, riding through the city. Awesome!

Awesome indeed! Should North attempt the CN Tower climb again next year, all lovers of webcomics (and things that are FUN) are urged to support him. The best thing is that you support him in Canadian dollars, which are 112% as colorful as American dollars.

In other news of things that are fun: new Winterview! With Jeff Rowland! Intentional lies! Disconcerting eye contact!

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