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Dippin’ Into The Mailbag

From Steve Raikow:

Normally I’m more reserved than this and shy away from the whole shameless self promotion thing. But, I recently stumbled into your site and saw that you solicit this sort of thing, so I’m saying what the hell. I’ve recently started a new online graphic novel called NODE which I update weekly. NODE is a science fiction story about technology and how it could have intriguing consequences for human consciousness. Its my goal to do something that’s a bit more serious than the average fare that I’ve encountered online. I want it to be provoking and possibly disturbing, without being gratuitous and violent. Anyway I thought that I would throw it out there. I welcome all to come on over and take a look!

Glad to, Steve, and sorry about the delay; Steve actually wrote us about a month ago, but given that he only updates weekly, I wanted to let a little more story build up before linking it. As it is, the story is building up nicely — there are a lot of interesting hooks that are being set up in the prologue.

Up next, Shishio says:

This news is a little over a month old, but it seems to have slipped under the radar, so I’m taking it upon myself to inform you of a new collective in webcomicdom. There’s some good stuff there.

Indeed, Cornstalker does include some good stuff. Have a browse around.

And from Roderick Leermakers:

Ahoy Fleen! Captain August has entered its third year and an excitable year it’ll be! I won’t spoil too much already, but be sure to read the press release that you can download here in perfectly safe and awesome GIF-format.

Thanks for your time and pirate greetings!

Ahoy, indeed. And please, nobody tell Dr McNinja that we’re consorting with pirates; even dead, he’s one bad muther.

That’ll wrap up the mailbag for today; we have some requests for full reviews that are still to come, as soon as we have time to go through the archives in a comprehensive manner. In the meantime, if you have news about your webcomic that you’d like to share, the link’s up there to the right.

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