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Progress Report

I still haven’t heard back from my local paper about picking up Diesel Sweeties, but I’m pleased to report that the whole RS3-in-newspapers thing really is real. Check it out — promo kits! There’s still time for you to pester you local paper to pick up DS (even if you don’t read it regularly … tell them that you will if they add your favorite strip).

We’re a bit more than a month into the Applegeeks reboot, and while I expected a shift in Ananth Panagariya‘s story style (it’s been moving between characters and plot threads pretty freely, and pretty smoothly, I gotta say), I don’t think I was prepared for the shift in art style. Mohammad Haque‘s characters and look are still the same, but the panel layouts and especially the POVs seem to be much more varied and creative than before. Check out the current issue, and tell me it doesn’t scream “cinematic”. Nice job from the AG crew, and I’ll be sure not to fuck with your muffin yo.

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Applegeeks has some of the best art and story about, making simply one of my favourite webcomics out there!

It’s not so much a reboot in the comics continuity sense; more of a new chapter, don’t ya think?

But yeah, the new stories are flowing pretty well…

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