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Highs And Lows

So it seems that Scott Kurtz (who does an obscure little indy-themed webcomic you may have heard of) has been invited as one of the Guests of Honor to San Diego next year (alongside fellow art-comics creators like Bechdel and Sfar). To my recollection, this is the first time a webcomics type has reached GoH status at a show as large as SDCC. Fleen congratulates Kurtz, and we look forward to seeing him a) kick ass, and b) take names in San Diego.

In other news, God/Fate/Whatever seems to have it in for the merry lads and lasses of Dayfree Press. First, hiatuses announced for A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible and No 4th Wall To Break, and now Jeph Jacques has injured his drawing hand (and with some server troubles, that direct link to today’s strip/blogpost may not be displaying the story; if need be, check the main page for details). Lucas TdS wrote to wonder if all these changes mean that Dayfree might have an open slot, but judging from the recent events I’d say that joining up with a cursed collective would be a scarier thing than Halloween in Dr Vampire‘s subconscious.

In the meantime, Fleen wishes Jacques a speedy recovery — don’t stress the hand by pushing it too hard, and do what your doctor tells you. The siren call of a daily update is a harsh mistress, and you don’t want to lose functionality down the road because you got too aggressive now. Take your time, and your readers will still be there when you’re better.

This is a little known fact, but Dayfree Press is hosted on the same server that was once home to the official website of an ancient indian burial ground.

Yeah, and we all laughed and said “Hah! I bet not even GOD HIMSELF could ever injure any of us” and then we high fived.

Good times!

I am going to do all my high-fives right-handed from now on.


Well, I asked if they’d be recruiting comics! I never said I’d join them!

The thought of getting between Sam Logan and Jeph Jacques is more scary than anything I can imagine.

Even with an injured drawing hand, I’ve heard Jeph is pretty lethal with the flaming kittens he wields. Sam told me himself!

Well, I know how much this drives me crazy when no one comments on big news about my comic, so I want to congratulate Scott Kurtz. As a long-time San Diego Comic-Con exhibitor, this is a TRULY big deal.

Yeah! To be one of only twenty guests, at a con as gigantic as San Diego? That’s HUGE. Congrats, Scott!

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