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Derr Hey?

If you missed Tim Demeter’s announcement on Graphic Smash this morning, let me repeat it here:

Where have all the good heroes gone? And where are all the vaguely Greco-Romanic gods?

I mentioned last week I had one last comic to unveil, and it’s not quite what you might expect. It’s pretty evident why, right from the title, The Non-Adventures of Wonderella.

They may be non-adventures, but there’s Nazis, and tanks, and 500 bears and other such staples of ACTION. I can also promise you what Wonderella is, is the funniest new comic I’ve read in a long time. Fans of Killroy and Tina will recognize the byline, and know that Justin Pierce is no stranger to comedy in his comics, but he’s pulled the cork off with this one. It’s absolutely, unabashedly, hilarious. (Also no worries KnT fans, I’m just making Justin do TWO comics now.)

If you like anything on Adult Swim, (and I know you do) you owe it to yourself to read this comic, which you can totally do right here on Saturdays.

Don’t drink anything while you read it.

The current link for Wonderella at Graphic Smash leads to a placeholder, but those of you in the know have been reading it from the link at Pierce’s K&T page, right? In any event, go check out Wonderella archive, and learn what a superhero really is. Also, I’ll never think of “Hello Kitty” the same way again.

In other news, that sound you heard earlier today from the northeast corner of the nation was Eric Snark squeeing about being right with his Narbonic predictions; good call, Eric!. Makes me wonder if Shaenon Garrity put all these hooks in intentionally years ago (the Whedon/Rowling model), or makes it up as she goes along (the Lost model). I’m leaning towards the former, but I imagine it’ll be a topic of vigorous debate for webcomics historians in coming decades.

In other-other news, A wee email exchange with a one Mr Lewis Powell, who wrote:

I’m not sure if this is up your guys’ alley, but I, along with a couple of other individuals, have a webcomics blog Wax Intellectual, and am seeking more regular contributors. Unlike Fleen, I would allow contributors that are also creators, but that isn’t a requirement.

I understand if this isn’t the sort of thing you guys would mention on your blog, but I figured there was a chance it might be, so it couldn’t hurt.

If this isn’t something you’d post about, but, being a webcomics blog, have advice about how to try and find other writers, any advice you might have would be appreciated.

Thank you.

No problem, Lewis! The more people writing about these crazy-ass entertainments we call webcomics, the better! As for advice, I can reduce that to two things:

  1. Write, write, write some more. There’s no quality time in developing your voice and place in this community, just heaps of good ol’ quantity time.
  2. Have a thick skin. Rest assured, somebody who only clicked on the link to your blog 20 seconds ago already hates you and everything you stand for.

Oh, and Lewis? It’s TYRRELL. Two “L”s.

500 BEARS!

Not that it makes a huge difference, but that was a typo, not a misspelling (i.e. I know how to spell your name, but failed to type it properly, not that I didn’t know how to spell it). I have corrected it now.

Thanks for the link-action.

That’s a good thing, becasue Gary Tyrrel is his alternate universe self, complete with lack of moustachio.

And a cheerful squee it was, too!

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