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Apparently, We’re Hosting An Answer Key

Beats me.

For some reason this puzzle inspires in me the same fear that I experienced in 3rd grade. I love the T, but not the crossword puzzles.

Very clever, T, very clever indeed. I love a good mystery, but now that it has been solved, I, too, do not wish to feel like I’m in third grade again.

Wow, I’ve been trying to figure out what the heck T meant by that since he posted it and JUST NOW figured it out.


Found a couple, then figured it out.

I think a certain doctor is missing. But I found his cousin, Dr. McNtiz.

I found kltpzyxm!

There are wordsearch solvers online, believe it or not! You just need the word list, and the text grid of letters.

Nope, the Doctor is in there, though at a bit of an oblique angle.

Yeah, I found him last night. Fittingly, he avoided capture until the very end. I’m still really tempted to put a scan of the solution on my website. Though I’m still not sure if ‘A Good Start’ is in there. Or if he was extra sneaky and put Gary Tyrrell or Alison Cook, etc in there, just to be evil.

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