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Much motion in the world of webcomics today. From the Science Desk, Randall Munroe of xkcd is now (at least temporarily) a full-time comics/t-shirts guy. NASA doesn’t know what it’s lost.

From the T-Shirt Desk, hot on the heels of last week’s prestigious STFRITDFTS Award, (the “Stfritty”), Jeph Jacques is at it again. Something in his brain just produces content that people want to wear, in a legible 100% cotton form, on their bodies. If we could harness this subconscious tapping-in of the zeitgeist, we could rule the world and oppress all living things. And by “we”, I mean “I”.

Speaking of oppressing all living things, Jennie Breeden (comicker, entrepreneur, and threat to all that is good and innocent) is asking for your help. If you recognize any of the men she blew with the aid of lawn-care machinery, have them contact her. She needs release forms signed, because there’s going to be a Men In Kilts calendar. This thought is horrifying and thoroughly intriguing at the same time; Breeden is to be congratulated for thinking so far out of the box that it can no longer be seen. One can only hope that we will be saved in the nick of time.

Speaking of the nick of time, Christopher Livingston’s Concerned is approaching the end of its pre-defined story. Will Livingston continue his Half-Life themed humorfest into the Lost Coast or Episode 1 content? Is this the untimely end of Milhouse? Whatever happens to the stalwart Gordon Frohman, one can only hope that things turn out well for him, and he finds his way to a happy place with friends.

And speaking of Milhous[e], david malki ! writes to inform us:

Hey guys, FYI Alien Loves Predator has officially become part of the Playground Ghosts collective.

Um, I would forward you a press release but there isn’t much more to say! Here I will write one right now.


Ultra-amazing action-figure-based electriphotographicomick Alien Loves Predator has become a part of the Playground Ghosts webcomics collective.

Bernie Hou’s twice-weekly comic details the humourous adventures of the titular extraterrestrial, who live as roommates in New York City. The comic is freaking hilarious.

“I am happy to be a part of the Playground Ghosts,” Hou said, “whatever that is.”

The Playground Ghosts is a network of webcomics that includes Acid Keg, Fluff in Brooklyn, PIXEL, Reprographics, and Wondermark. It was founded in 1974 by then-President Richard M. Nixon as a federal exploratory program designed to combat the masses of Soviet webcomics then flooding the Internet.

Reached for comment, Kremlin spokesperson Ivana Gohome remarked, “где мой Ñ?лон?”

And, finally, speaking of Playground Ghosts, their website notes that members will be representing at SPX this weekend, and Stumptown at the end of the month, about which more tomorrow.

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