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Oh, How Wonderfully Inappropriate

I’m sure by now everyone knows that I love me some foul, inappropriate humor. That is why I’m mentioning the Perry Bible Fellowship today. This is one of those comics that I enjoy showing others, simply for the shock value. The PBF starts off innocent enough, but leads you to a rather different conclusion than one would expect.

There is no story, no lesson learned here. These are simply fun, delightfully dirty comics that appeal to the darker aspect of your personality. You know, the side of you that slows down to look at horrendous car wrecks and marvel at human tragedy. So go treat your inner devil, it deserves a good laugh.

Either I am missing some kind of really clever, inside, trendy joke or a lot of your links are screwed up.

I think she forgot to make the links fully qualified, and WP has turned them into local URLs.

They should be fixed now. Thanks for the head’s up.Oh, by the way, I could never be that trendy.

Nope. Still messed up.

Yep, still not working right. :-(

I blame gnomes.

The Perry Bible Fellowship is the best webcomic I have read thus far.


Ok, I know they are messed up, I’m working on it. Stupid links

Ok, I took care of the gnomes, meaning I had Gary fix the problem. He’s the best, just wait till he rules the world…I mean not rule the world.

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